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Tap into Your ‘Brilliance’ To Achieve Sales Success

As the owner of a franchise business, you’re probably starting to think about your marketing budget. And if you’re like most people, the task of deciding how to spend the money is enough to send you into a haze of confusion.

Here’s the advice of someone who’s spent a career pondering the shortcomings of many (if not most) marketing campaigns: Trash your old ideas and try a radically new approach. It’s called Brilliance Marketing. It’s highly effective and efficient. And it takes most of the mystery (and misery) out of promoting your products and services.

Many people tend to be uncomfortable with marketing because it’s so subjective. They prefer dealing with more tangible things. And that’s the secret behind the success of Brilliance Marketing. It distills everything your company does into a single common denominator, which becomes the ‘lighthouse beacon’ you shine to draw customers to your harbor.

The lighthouse beacon is a metaphor I often use to educate my clients on what I call a company’s “brilliance” – the one unique thing that sets it apart from the pack.sales chart

In my new book Brilliance Marketing Management: Let Your Strengths Build Your Business (Facts on Demand Press, 2003, ISBN: 1-889150-39-8; $14.95), I show you how to identify that brilliance-how to build your lighthouse, if you will-and turn it into a sales and marketing success story.

The gist of Brilliance Marketing is this: identify your company’s sparkle, its light, that one special aspect of your business that deserves to be elevated into a bright focus for all your marketing efforts. Then focus on that and that alone. Instead of looking outside your organization to try to beat out the competition, shift your focus to your company to make sure that your brilliance shines in everything you do.

Of course, nothing worth doing is ever easy. You can expect recognizing your brilliance to take some work-but once you find it, you’ll be amazed at how simple and natural it seems. In Brilliance Marketing Management, I offer a wealth of examples, insights and exercises to help you reconnect with the sparkle that led you to success in the first place. Here are just a few of them-along with a few that aren’t covered in my book, but that are definitely worth trying:


Look for your brilliance in the everyday. Ask yourself: what is my company really good at? For instance, do you pride yourself on hiring and retaining the best and brightest professionals in your field? Is your company known for its exemplary customer service? Its friendly approach? Its quick turnaround time? Do your products offer consistent quality or universal appeal? What aspects of your products or services make you most proud?

Let your customers help you locate your brilliance. Ask five loyal customers why they use your services or purchase your products. When someone refers business to you, call them up and ask them why they recommended your firm.

Often a company’s brilliance is so simple that it is taken for granted: the fact that you always return phone calls promptly; your attention to detail in meeting your customers’ special requests; your ability to anticipate trends and stay on the cutting edge. Each of these attributes could form the basis for a brilliance marketing focus.

Pinpoint what sets you apart from the competition. What is the one thing you do differently from everyone else? Maybe you already know the answer, but it doesn’t hurt to explore it further. When you’re talking to customers, ask them what you do that your competitors don’t.

Also, become a “secret shopper” and research the competition. It’s true that Brilliance Marketing is all about you, but understanding the context in which customers see you will help you pinpoint your competitive advantage…and determine where you really shine.

Revisit your roots. How did your company get started? What were the original goals and principles of the founders? Has the company drifted away from its original mission? You may argue that the marketplace changes over time and companies must change with it to survive.


Salone Franchising opportunities

Choosing good company to invest

Buying franchise one can easily mislead by the companies, which cannot provide substantial revenues and are ineffective in the business. In addition, choosing the good franchising opportunity can help to ensure good incomes. However choice of the franchising opportunity can be really easier with the Franchising Clothing in Italy. This company is actually created to develop the franchising business and spread the information regarding the popular franchising opportunities. Purchasing of the franchises, which are included in the list of the popular franchises can be really good decision and would really provide sensible results.

Really beloved thing to work with

Considering purchasing of franchise one should understand that this business should be the beloved branch. Otherwise, working on the company that renders services, which franchisee cannot understand what it for can make the business ineffective. Furthermore, franchisor should understand the main features, which are associated with the franchising to make the franchisee understand what products or services are manufactured or rendered and what is the main purpose of them. Franchise world offers multiple opportunities, which can provide one franchising opportunity even for the people, which cannot decide what they truly love.
However, after the thorough research and understanding of the beloved branch one should make the decision among the companies, which are presented by the following branches:


This branch unites the services, products, which are designed to make the life of people, which, are associated with various land transports easier. It provides various services and products, tools and even cars itself, that is useful for people, which wanted the good transport or to repair the existent one. This business is quite developed now, as there are many various opportunities to make the business in this branch and there are enormous numbers, of people, which possess the car.

Children businesses

Among the main things, which people love there are kids, and little children. In addition, people can make everything for their happiness and well-being. Therefore, market is full of various companies, directed on the creation of something important for children, rendering of various services, aimed on the making children’s well-being better. It means that working in such business can be really profitable as almost all people have children and love them. There are many competitors in this business but one can use some peculiar part of this business and get substantial revenues.

Health business

As well as children, people love to stay healthy and alive. Therefore, they love the companies, which provide the essential solutions for their health by way of production of medicines, rendering the services, which help people to handle certain diseases and other pathologic states, which harm their well-being and god experience of life.
Ending the list of the companies, which are important considering the franchising opportunities, one can purchase the franchise that is designed to sale something. In addition, here one should choose the company that is engaged in the things, which are related to things, which one love, otherwise the activity will be hated and would never produce enough revenues.

Poor promotional tools

Business mistake number 1 : Poor promotional tools

Promotional tools include your logo, promotional literature, website, software you use to produce those, printer if you print your own literature, and other items which your promotional efforts are centered around. Promotional tools may also include the marketing services you choose to purchase, or other services that you pay for with promotional efforts in mind.

Some examples of poor promotional tools include:

  • Pixelated or poorly organized business cards.
  • Badly organized or badly printed brochures.
  • A website with glaring errors, or badly written marketing text.
  • Software that introduces errors into your printing or website.
  • A printer which produces low quality printouts.
  • A logo that fails to convey a business image effectively.
  • A marketing company that completely misses the target market for your business.
  • SEO services which rely on Black Hat Tactics that will get your site banned.
  • Site Builders that let you build a site from a template that LOOKS like a site built from a template.
  • Free business cards that LOOK like free business cards.
  • Any other promotional tool that should do a specific job, but which completely fails to do it effectively.

Your promotional tools are items which your marketing strategies hinge on. Who cares if you come up with a great way to use business cards to promote your business if your business card stinks? What does it matter that you get lots of traffic to your website if that traffic is either untargeted, or if your website fails to persuade anyone that you are worth buying from?

Good tools can help stabilize your business. Sure, you may have to cut corners to get your foot in the door, and if your $25 printer really is doing a good job there is no reason to go and buy a $300 printer.

But if your tools are getting in the way of successfully building your business, then you need to choose a budgeting strategy to make room to improve them.